Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

8 April 2018 

Capsule for the Day

Mercy can be understood with this analogy. There is a lump of diamond in the mud. Every one who passes by is afraid of the dirt of the mud. They can only see the mud. It is dirty, filthy and can infect us with diseases. So, we don't touch the mud. But mercy sees more than the mud. Mercy reaches out for the diamond. It is not afraid of the mud, the dirt.

We are all diamonds. Unfortunately, what many see in us is the mud: our weaknesses, our failings. He is an alcoholic they will say. I wouldn't want you to be close to him. She is a divorcee, I don't want you to learn her ways. He isn't a good priest,  don't you see how he walks and talks? I wouldn't advise you to see him for spiritual direction. We see the dirt.

Interestingly, diamonds come covered with dirt. If you want a diamond, you have to see past the dirt. Christ did that with Thomas. Thomas' doubt came across as arrogance. But Christ reached out to Him. He saw in the doubting Thomas, the man who will make the greatest profession of faith: "My Lord and my God". Christ saw more... Mercy.

Fr. Francis Afu

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