Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

10 February 2018 

Capsule for the Day

We live in a world that constantly throws "you aren't good enough" at you. A world that demands you have to be this or that before you can be accepted. A world that tells you, "you've got problems, you have to change". A world that has no time to understand you but has plenty of time to fix you.

The temptation for many of us is to try to fit in, to be the person the world wants us to be. The consequence however is we lose sight of who we are and we become a lousy version of the expectations and projections of the world. We end up not fulfilling our dreams and our purpose in life.

God didn't make a mistake creating you, you and me, me with all that we consider to be imperfect. Come to think of it, our "imperfections" are often clues to our purpose in life. Trying to be "the perfect person" the world projects onto you makes you to lose the richness of your imperfections.

Fr. Francis Afu

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