Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

3 January 2018 

Capsule for the Day

It is very common to begin the year with resolutions. "I resolve to..." But the problem for many of us is we make too many resolutions and we end up not keeping any of them. Perhaps, this year, we may resolve not to make new resolutions. Or, we can resolve to make just one resolution.

 The wisdom isn't how many resolutions we can make, but how honest and resolved are we about our resolution. We shouldn't make resolutions for resolution sake. We should make resolutions because we want to grow, to be better or because God is asking something of us - change.

Whatever the motive, resolutions should be made on our knees. They should come from our heart and they should be clear, honest and doable. And we have to keep bringing our resolutions to the Lord. We can't overemphasise the place of prayer in keeping a resolution. We have to pray.

Fr. Francis Afu

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