Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

22 November 2017 

Capsule for the Day

"And fallen men may rise again on wings of prayer" is a beautiful line from the hymn "Lord God, Your Light which dims the stars" by the Benedictine Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey. This line is a source of hope. It assures us that our fall isn't an end. Fallen men may rise again on prayer.

Why on wings prayer? The answer is simple. Through prayer, we fly out of our own reality, our fallen state to the reality of God who raised the Son of Man from the death. The reality of the resurrection becomes the experience of the fallen man who flies on wings of prayer. He rises to a life in Christ.

This explains why prayer is bringing our real self to the real God. True prayer isn't pretence or showmanship. It is real business. It is coming to God as we are, knowing that He will come to us as He is, Our Father, who knows the stuff we are made of and who will raise us up from our fall. 

Fr. Francis Afu

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