Homily - Daily capsule - Fr Francis Afu

18 September 2017 

Capsule for the Day

To know that I shall one day die is a treasure. It changes the way I live. It helps me to avoid wasting time on things that don't matter and to spend more time on things that do matter: God, family, friends, work, hobbies etc. It raises the question "how shall I live my life". It helps us to live well.

Most time, we waste our time on things that don't deserve our time. We worry about what others are saying about us. The truth is no matter what we do, people will always have something to say. If we complain about God who is Perfect, why wouldn't others complain about us, imperfect?

Remember we shall all die one day and so stop wasting time and energy. Time is fleeting. We have no control over it. Let's seize the moment. Let's do what we can, for we can't get back lost time. Death comes unannounced. One of us may be the next. How do you want to be remembered?

Fr. Francis Afu

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