Homily - Daily Capsule- Fr Francis Afu

1 September 2017 

Every war begins in the heart of Man. While Man may find a million reasons to go to war, none of those reasons at the long run justifies the killing of another nor justifies the damage done. Every war leaves wounds that takes a generation or more to heal. War is evil. War doesn't do us any good.

While we may be quick to point our fingers at others as responsible for wars, we often don't realize how our individual actions and inactions cause war or fuel exiting wars. Insecurity and fear are grave causes of war. We can't stop war outside when we are insecure and afraid inside.

Somehow, we have to find a way to deal with our inside and to resolve the conflict therein. Faith, Hope and Charity are the virtues we need. For faith grants us security that isn't deceptive; hope helps us to see through our fears and to face them; love asks us to love, to say NO to hate and war.

Fr. Francis Afu

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