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28 August 2017 

First Anniversary Edition.......

Capsule for the Day

It all began with the Pope' message during World Youth Day 2016 "Don't be a couch potato". It was a powerful message that left me ruminating. How do I want to live my life, I asked. I had no idea then I was going to be the writer of the Capsule for the Day. But somehow I did and it's one year.

I didn't believe the first ever written Capsule for the Day would touch a life. I was surprised when Tess, the first reader of the Capsule wrote back "Fr. Francis you don't know what your short message has done to my relationship. Ryan and I are good". Tess wanted help. I gave her the Capsule.

But it turned out that Ryan wanted to take more doses of it. From Ryan and Tess, the Capsule has gained a wide readership. I thank all whose comments, suggestions and criticisms have helped kept the Capsule alive. Truth be told, Capsule for the Day is the fruit of prayer and God's Grace.

Fr. Francis Afu

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