Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

7 August 2017 

Capsule for the Day 

The human mind is like a farmland, and a fertile one indeed. Whatever we sow in it grows and bears fruit in plenty. If we sow evil, it grows to its full potential. If we sow good, it also grows and bears fruit. Nothing dies in the mind. Some thoughts however lie dormant until another causes them grow.

What we read, what we watch, what we listen to become seeds sown in our minds. We can't sow one thing and expect something else. For instance, we can't be featuring violence in every news item and expect humanity to live without violence. We basically reap what we sow. So true!

For us to talk about real change, we have to change the seeds we sow in our minds. We have to choose rightly what we show, what we say and sing and what we write. It is a hard choice no doubt, but it is the only way to a better and happier life. No change, no change. Difficult, but not impossible.

Fr. Francis Afu

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