Homily - Homily 12th Sunday Ordinary time 2017 Fr H Kingsley Etoh

25 June 2017 

The humanitarian organisation called “Catholic Action” has a poster where a little girl is seen saying: “When I grow up, I would like to be alive”.

All of us here sometimes feel small and insignificant in our huge and indifferent world. Sometimes too we feel helpless in the strong winds of life. We appear to be so common as to have little or no value at all. We feel that we will make little difference in our world.

We are being told today that our lives matter. Therefore, no matter what happens, we should never give up. No matter what happens, we should never throw away our lives.

Many people in this world intensely dislike us Catholics for our stance on life, particularly when it comes to abortion and euthanasia. They often tell us to keep quiet and to stop imposing our religious beliefs and moral values upon others. They try to lecture us about the separation of the roles and responsibilities of the Church and State.

But Jesus tells us here and now the same thing He told His disciples: “Do not let men intimidate you. Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed, and nothing hidden that will not become known. What I tell you in darkness, speak in the light. What you hear in private, proclaim from the housetops…” “Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will acknowledge before my Father in heaven. Whoever disowns me before men, I will disown before my Father in heaven. “

Our Lord wants us to understand that with God there is no such thing as a nameless human life. There is nothing as a faceless human life. Every person lives in God’s family. Everyone lives in God’s house. God knows in detail each and every aspect of our lives. And He profoundly cares about what happens to each of us.

Even though at times we may feel small. Even though at times we may feel worthless. Even though at times we may feel of no significance whatsoever. That is not how God our Father feels about us.

We are not sparrows. We are of more value than sparrows. We are His sons and daughters. We are the ones that He loves so much. We are the ones that He allowed His Son to die for.

What is the most straightforward way of knowing how much God loves us? It is by looking at the Crucifix. When we look at the crucifix, we will discover how much God cares for each and every one of us. It shows us the length, the breadth, the height and depth He has gone to demonstrate His love for us.

It is in the crucifix that you and I can recognize our true worth and the value that we have in the eyes of God.

As we gather around the table of the Eucharist today, let us ask God for the grace not to allow this knowledge and awareness of our value in his sight to be taken away from us.

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