Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

6 May 2017 

Capsule for the Day

Family! We love it when it is good and rich with great memories. We pray for the perfect family, the type we hear and watch in the movies. None of us truly wants a broken or dysfunctional family. We feel ashamed when our family is described as broken... why can't we have a good family, we ask.

I guess no one person has "a fit for all" answer. Somehow, we all struggle to make sense of our family, our story and our journey. We try as individuals to fix up our families but it just doesn't work. We still get the fight, the grave yard silence... the fault finding and the blame placing attitude.

"How I wish my family was perfect, without these problems", we ask. But what if our family is meant to be better through these problems? Or put it another way, family difficulties are like manure in the garden. For all its repugnant smell, without the manure, the garden wouldn't blossom.

Fr. Francis Afu

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