Homily - Homily

23 April 2017 

Capsule for the Day

They locked themselves in. They were afraid of the Jews. But Christ came to them. He met them where they were. Amazing! He reached out to the disciples who deserted Him during His trials and crucifixion. What blew their minds was in spite of what they had done, Christ came to them.

He didn’t wait for them to come to Him. According to John’s Gospel, He came in their midst. First, He wasn't ashamed of them. Second, He didn't condemn them. And third, He gave them peace, Shalom total well being. "The peace that the world can't give... this peace I give to you" John 14:27.

Here Christ reveals the mercy of God. Mercy draws Him always to us even when we refuse to believe in Him. The story of Thomas is a good example. While Thomas refused to believe He has risen, Christ Jesus believed Thomas' sincerity and reached out to him. Amazing Grace!

Fr. Francis Afu

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