Homily - Homily

18 February 2017 

Capsule for the Day 

The irony of life is very interesting. We spend our health making wealth, acquiring properties, achieving laurels and later on, we spend our wealth and all we have acquired and achieved trying to get back our health. What an irony! What a life! Was life meant to be spent or lived?

The answer depends on one's school of thought. But the issue here isn't that of "either or". It is an issue of living a balanced life. The rush and excitement of achievement often deprives us of enjoying what we have achieved. We just keep on pursuing our dreams without savouring them.

And things are getting worse with our ever demanding culture that expects so much from us. We end up having no time for ourselves, no self-care; all we do is to get more, achieve more and become more. But we forget that God's command "thou shall not kill" requires we take care of ourselves.

Fr. Francis Afu                        


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