Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

13 September 2018 

Daily Capsule 

In Crisis Moments 

"Crisis is the absence of Christ". Now, this doesn't mean there are times when Christ is absent. Christ is always present. "He is with us until 'the end of time'". Rather, it means there are times when we aren't present in Christ. Or, there are times when we distance ourselves from Christ, from His ways. Thus, our actions or inactions don't reflect Christ.

In such moments, the temptation is to react, which results in distancing ourselves further from Christ. Again, that is working against Christ instead of working with/in Him. Christ doesn't bid us to come, follow our ways. He calls us to come, follow Him. In other words, in crisis moments, we are to follow Christ. We are to make ourselves present to Him.

Pope Francis is leading us in this area. He is calling us to be present to Christ in prayer. Prayer isn't just something spiritual, like many will trivialise it. Prayer is practical. It brings us to Christ. He changes us in prayer so that we can change our situation and resolve our crises. Thus, in crisis moments, we should pray, pray and pray. That is His way.

Fr. Francis Afu 

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