Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

11 August 2018 

Capsule for the Day

Spiritual Direction

There is so much happening in the world today. Many of us can't just catch up with the change and the speed. We are lost. We no longer know what is right or what is wrong. We look for directions, a path that promises stability and safety. We search for answers to the questions: Who am I? How shall I live my life? What is the right thing I have to do?

These questions, and the life experiences from which they arose, are enigmatic. They transcend our physical world as we know it, to a world beyond our immediate grasp. Thus, on our own, we are powerless. We often don't know what to do or say. We need the guidance of an experienced friend, someone who understands life as it truly is.

That someone is a spiritual director. He or she may be a priest, a nun, or a layperson who can accompany us. A spiritual director is simply a friend on the journey; who guides, mentors and leads. He or she is a sort of person with whom we can discern matters in prayer. A spiritual director guides us to "find", and be ourselves in this ever changing world.

Fr. Francis Afu 


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