Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

10 August 2018 

Capsule for the Day

Why Discernment?

Why go through the trouble of probing every matter with God in prayer? I guess Greg's story answers the question. Greg is a good man. He is a loving father and a faithful husband. He is a fellow who would lay down his life for his wife and family. But his wife doubted he was a good man. For her, Greg was a control freak, he was overbearing. 

No matter what Greg did, Cynthia read a negative meaning into it. All she could see were things as they appeared to be, not things as they truly were. As a result, a family that was once together and happy, became fragmented and cold. It got to a point when Greg was happy to sign the divorce papers, but he refused. He decided to discern the matter.

Through discernment, he realised what was wrong, and gained a new perspective on the crisis. He was also able to listen and accept what he had to do to fix what was wrong. Finally, he was to able reach out for the help he needed to save their marriage. But imagine if he hadn't discerned the matter in prayer. Would their marriage has been saved?

Fr. Francis Afu 

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