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6 August 2018 

Capsule for the Day

Telling My Story Part 1

"Hi Fr. Francis... The Capsule for the Day is a prescription that no one can overdose. They don't have side-effects. They have a way of touching the core of me and opening my eyes to deeper realities. Thank you for all you do for us... would you be happy to share with us how you deal with hurt and negative attitudes especially from those you love?"

I am so glad Capsule for the Day is achieving its purpose in you. When God placed this mystery in my heart, I never thought people in China and 16 other countries of the world will be reading the Capsule. The Capsule for the Day is one way I deal with hurt. I have learned to use my hurt as fuel that drives me to become the person God wants of me.

In every hurtful experience I have had, I have heard God saying to me "my son, this is what I want you to heal in the world". So, when people hurt me, or when I feel hurt by the actions or inactions of others, I get angry. I feel the pain. I allow the pain to run its course; and then from the heart of the pain and in prayer, I ask the Lord to birth a new Francis.

Fr. Francis Afu

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