Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

27 July 2018 

Daily Capsule 

What is God's Justice?

"Hi Fr. Francis! Thank you for your capsules. They are very insightful. But I have a question about your last two capsules. Is God's justice not his wrath and punishment for our sins?" That question came in on my blog dabar.online. You are free to visit my blog and leave me a comment, a question and a prayer request on the contact us button.

God's Justice is often misunderstood. Perhaps, we tend to look at God's Justice in the light of our Justice System where we are punished for the crimes we have committed or where we seek punishment for the crimes others have committed against us. God's Justice is about God giving us "His Fatherly Love". And this love is everlasting.

This love doesn't depend on what we do or fail to do. It is unchangeable. We can always count on His love. But there is hell? Yes. And there is punishment after death? Yes. Who punishes us then? Our sins. They exile us. That is to say God, the Father, in His Justice reaches out to love us, but sin enslaves and prevents us from experiencing His love.

Fr. Francis Afu 


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