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19 July 2018 

Capsule for the Day

God doesn't Punish Us

When we hear the words temptation, evil and sin, what comes to the mind of many is God will punish the sinner. The Scriptures even affirms this in Romans 2: 6. St. Paul said, "God will repay each man according to his deeds". In other words, if your deeds are good, you will be rewarded with good things. But if your deeds are bad, you will be punished.

This understanding of reward and punishment raises a lot of questions. The most challenging of the questions is "if God is the Good, if God is love, how come He can inflict punishment on people?" This is a perennial question for theologians. But Jeff Cavins, a biblical scholar, defines punishment as the attraction exercised by sin. Sin punishes us.

That is to say, God doesn't punish us, but sin does. Sin attracts us away from God. Sin exiles us. Sin can makes it impossible for us to grasp the Fatherhood of God, to trust Him. Thus, preventing us from receiving the love of Our Father. No punishment can equal our distance from the Father's love. So, while the Father reaches out to love us, sin exiles us.

Fr. Francis Afu

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