Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

08 Feb 2019

Capsule for the Day

Seasons of Love

What else can we say about love? Perhaps, we could say it is a living organism. It lives and grows in seasons. In some seasons, it blossoms with fresh flowers. In other seasons, it is dead dry, with no leaves let alone flowers. In another season it is warm, bright and very charming. And still in another season, Winter, it is cold, wet and miserable.

To expect love to be always charming is to expect all seasons to be Spring, which isn't reality. So, just as we go through seasons in life, we should be open to the seasons of love. We should prepare for these seasons. In the Autumn of love, we should get ready for Winter. We should get the warm clothes of kindness, listening and communication.

In the Winters, we should develop the patience, the hope that will keep us warm and happy despite the misery of the cold. In the Springs and Summers, we should smile, rejoice and be thankful for the charm, the romance, the special gifts received. In the rains, the storms, we should never forget the shelter of prayer: trusting that they too shall pass away.

Fr. Francis Afu

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