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04 Feb 2019

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Love is Reckless

"I am not quite sure Fr. Francis if that is true". Perhaps, I used the wrong word Maggie. But what would you say about Christ loving and dying for us, not when we were for Him, but when we were outrightly against Him? There wasn't any certainty when He died for us that we would love Him in return. Isn't that recklessness; to act without calculating the consequences?

In the movie Hunter Killer, we find the US Commander Joe Glass being reckless. He loved without counting the cost. For what else could be more reckless than for him to rescue and protect the lives of four Russians including their president to the extent of putting the lives of 105 US crew and country at risk? Nothing! But that is love, trusting, hoping, taking the risk. 

This is what is so confronting about love and makes it difficult for us to love. For all it's worth, who will risk his or her life to save another man with a gun at his head? It is only someone who is reckless like Christ. One who is able to dare, to hope that love conquers even the hardened of heart. Joe Glass had this hope, at the end, he made friends of his foes.

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