Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

19 Jun 2018

Capsule for the Day

What is attractive about a seed? Apparently nothing except for the potential it has We don't easily get carried away by the seed of a flower or an apple. But we do pause to behold the beauty of a flower and to enjoy the fruit of the tree the seed has become. Small beginnings and tiny things are often overlooked. They're insignificant, we reason.

However, Bishop Robert Barron thinks differently. He cautions us not to treat lightly our small beginnings. He also asks us not to be afraid of doing the small things God is prompting us to do. Sometimes, the small things we take for granted turn out to be the big things that make the difference. The smile, the casual phone call, are great seeds.

We should sow them. Most times, the seeds go for years without any sign of growth. We even forget we ever sowed that seed. Then, all of a sudden, like an Indian Bamboo, the seed springs up and surprises us. Don't be discouraged when the seeds you sowed don't seem to be growing. Some seeds take longer time. Keep calm and tarry in prayer.

Fr. Francis Afu

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