Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

01 Apr 2018

Capsule for the Day

At Easter Vigil, I found myself ruminating on this line "From the One Candle, we have all been enlightened". We have been enlightened on how to view suffering and the many crosses laid on us. We have been enlightened on who we are, how we shall live and where we are going.

From the One Candle, we have found the Light that brings hope to the dark nights of our soul, our lives. From the One Candle, we have found reason to live, we can shout... He has risen... We too will rise. The power of death has been destoryed. Allehuia is our song. For His-story is our story.

From the One Candle, everything is new. A new creation! A new Covenant! A new Spirit! Even the apostles couldn't behold the newness of the Rising Sun. Its rays blinded them, and then opened their eyes to see, to see more and to look for more. From the One Candle we say Happy Easter.

Fr. Francis Afu

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