Collaborating for the Mission: The Parish and the Catholic School

21 Mar 2018


Catholic schools are ‘of great importance, since they are the principal means of helping parents to fulfil their role in education. ‘There must be the closest cooperation between parents and the teachers to whom they entrust their children to be educated. In fulfilling this task, teachers are to collaborate closely with the parents and willingly listen to them; associations and meetings with parents are to be set up and held in high esteem.’ (c. 796). 

It is important that parents are supported in their prime responsibility for the religious development of their children, which is complementary to the role of the school. 

Parish priests and principals will encourage within parents a sense of community and belonging with the parish and school. They will have a special concern for providing opportunities within the parish for parents’ on-going education in faith. 

Consultation with parents is to be part of the decision-making process on matters affecting the education of students. The parish priest will work with the principal to ensure adequate structures for this purpose, such as the school board and Parents and Friends Association, are operational within the school and to ensure parents are aware of their existence. A key role of the parish priest and the principal is to assist in uniting the members of these bodies in vision and purpose and linking them to the broader Church. 

[Collaborating For Mission: The Parish And The Catholic School P.24]

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