Welcome to the Catholic Parish of Glen Innes

A Snapshot of our parish according to the Commonwealth Census of 2011:

Total population 7,094; Catholic population 1,640; Catholics make up 23.1% of total population; median age of Catholics 40 yrs; total Catholic families 653;  191 Catholics live alone;  69 Catholics born overseas; 91 Catholics need assistance with core activities; 504 Catholics have changed their address since 2006.

Further information on parish social profile is available here.

Fr John Carey
Parish Priest (currently on leave)

Fr Richard Gleeson

Fr Henry Kingsley Etoh
Assistant Priest

Chair Pastoral Council :  Mr John Adams;  Deputy Chair: Rachelle Lee; Secretary & Parish School Principal: Ms Maria Mowle;

Deputy Principal: Mrs Pauline Gannon; Religious Education Coordinator:  Mr Rickie Withers;

St Patrick's Church Sacristan: Mrs Jacqueline McConnell;  Finance Secretarial Services: Leeanne McHarg.

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